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Acute Demand Services

About Acute Demand Services

In Canterbury, Acute Demand Services help provide support to general practices and other primary healthcare providers to safely manage patients who are at risk of needing hospital admission or emergency care if their condition deteriorates. Most people residing in Canterbury are eligible for Acute Demand Services if they are at risk of:

Conditions that can be managed by Acute Demand Services include cellulitis, DVT, some chest pain, pneumonia, COPD, migraines, pyelonephritis, and dehydration.

Patients leave the service once their condition has improved or if they are referred onto hospital services.

Acute Demand Services may include one or more of the following:

Your general practice team or other primary healthcare provider may refer you to Acute Demand Services if they think you would benefit from the service and you are eligible. If you are not eligible, your care will be managed by your general practice or you may need to go to an after-hours healthcare provider or the hospital Emergency Department.

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